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Fundraising and Galas

Fundraising and Social Galas

Ellen Walker Events combines imagination, creative energy and impeccable planning to create events that are not only entertaining at the time, but will be memorable for you and your guests. Many elements go into turning a space into a beautiful, welcoming environment. It begins with a unique idea that is attractive to your guests and entices them to attend.

This is especially important to the success of fundraisers. While very important, it isn't all about decor, or lighting or music. The excitement and anticipation of your event should be created when you first announce it and it should grow until the last guest leaves.

So, during our consultation with you, we will ask:

What do you hope to accomplish by having this event?

Understanding your goal, even if it is "just to have a blast," is of primary importance. We incorporate our strategic thinking talents into helping you tailor your event to accomplish everything you desire, whether it is just entertaining your friends and associates or raising major funds.

Do you have a theme that you love?

If so, we will work within your budget to develop it into an event design. If not, we will make suggestions that are appropriate to your goals.

After that?

When you hire us, your consultation fee will be credited to your account. We get to work as your E-team. We will prepare a detailed plan, timeline and a budget and then the fun begins! We will be available for consultation with you throughout the planning and negotiate with the venue and vendors on your behalf. Of course, we will be onsite throughout your event and long after we bid you goodbye. We want you to enjoy the success of your event and leave the aftermath to us.

At EWE, we back up our expertise with Energy, with a capital E. Our energy will bring your event to life. So, save your energy for accepting kudos on your event and use ours.

Corporate Meetings

Corporate Meetings and Events

Your corporate event is an opportunity for your employees to connect, for your strategic message to be shared, awards presented, as well as a time when public perceptions will be formed about your company. You may want this time to educate and motivate or just to celebrate and appreciate. Whatever your goals and objectives are, we will work with you so that all aspects of your event reflect and support those objectives.

Whether you need to present a luncheon, dinner, awards ceremony, annual meeting or company picnic, EWE can provide you with the support you need to make your corporate event unique and one of which you and your company will be proud.

Services include securing your venue, negotiating with all vendors, designing your space and decor, arranging for audio-visual equipment, and coordinating your menu, favors and special touches that will add to the ambiance, enjoyment and memorability of your event.

Private Party

Private In-Home Parties

Your parties reflect your style and personality, so it is an opportunity for you to make a very favorable impression and some great memories.

Private in-home luncheons, dinner and cocktail parties are the vogue these days, as restaurants and clubs are often over-priced, especially when it comes to wines and alcohol, and they are noisy. How special it is to have your guests in your home for a memorable evening and stretch your entertaining dollar at the same time.

Your EWE team can handle the invitations, decor, catering, music/entertainment, photography/video, valet and security, if needed. We will leave you with nothing to do but have sweet dreams.

Family Celebrations

Family Celebrations

There is no more precious time than that spent with family. At EWE, we know that reunions, graduations, bridal showers, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries will be your most treasured memories. You deserve to relax and enjoy the occasion without the responsibility of all the details of event management.